Show Hunter Results 24th January 2007

Class 1 50 - 60 cm
1st Jordan
2nd Chelsea
3rd Cassandra Kruthoffer
4th Rowan
5th Georgia Kloostermann

Class 2 60- 70 cm
1st Demelza Low
2nd Jordan
3rd Lisa
4th Chloe Burgess
5th Jenny

Class 3 70 - 80cm
1st Lisa
2nd Georgia Kloostermann on her Bay Star
3rd Anna
4th Shelley
5th Demelza Low

Evening's Draw for the "Bottle of Bubbles"

1st:     Nicky Majoor
2nd:    Cassandra Kruthoffer


Dressage 17th January 2007

Class 1 Test 1.4
1st Carly Andrews on Drury Lane 70.4
2nd Nicky Majoor on Taralea Adjani 68.4
3rd= Olivia Henwood on Rongopai Merlot 67.2
3rd= Demelza Low on Basil 67.2
4th Stephanie Kruthoffer on Chatterbox 66.8
5th Resa van der Ven on Finn 66.0

Class 2 Test 1.4
1st Carly Andrews on Drury Lane 69.6
2nd Nicky Majoor on Taralea Adjani 68.0
3rd Stephanie Kruthoffer on Chatterbox 64.0
4th Ashleigh Henwood on I'm In Disguise 62.4
5th Gerda Kruthoffer on Skye 61.2

Congratulations all winners.  We hope that you and all participants in the evening enjoyed yourselves.

PS   Thanks guys for all your positive thinking that kept the drizzle away.  We're relying on you to do the same job next week!