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Equestrian Centre in New Zealand   

Sport Horse & Race Horse - Agistment, Breaking In & Training. 
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Abderry is open again.

Before coming onto the property for Lessons or UOF we will have a series of questions & some easy to follow rules for you relating to Covid 19.
Re Shows run at Abderry  - Under the NZ Govt Traffic Light System
 to have 100 pax here please ensure you are double
vaxxed & we will be asking to see all peoples Vacc Certs - if you do not have them with you, you will be asked to leave asap.

We are pleased to welcome you back!
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Breaking In A Horse

Starting Horses through Co-Operation not Confrontation


Starting Young Horses with Co-operation Not Confrontation

Welcome to Abderry. 

Abderry is a 120 acre property situated in the picturesque Karaka region,15 k's north west of Pukekohe & about one hour south of Auckland CBD.

Cheski Brown and team are professional and experienced horse trainers. 

We are an equine training centre, specialising in Agistment, Breaking In (Starting) Sport Horses and Race Horses.

In all circumstances we use non-aggressive techniques that give horses confidence, and a clear understanding of schooling and handling.

We provide a relaxed, safe environment where your horse can learn at his or her own pace.

Please contact us today for more information about Breaking In or Starting your young horses.

We also offer other equine training services including foal handling, re-education and schooling.

We run our own Shows and Clinics, we Hire our Facilities both for casual & regular use and for Shows run by other Groups.

Cheski is also a successful and internationally experienced Coach committed to training horses and riders reach their full potential, whatever their discipline.