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Two arenas available - cushion ride & sand surface
Sand Track  - 600 metres

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Casual use $20 per horse (including jumps) or $160.00 paid in advance for ten uses.
All welcome, Trainers, Clubs, Clinics, Trial of Horse, Fitness, Schooling

Coaching with Cheski - $75 private session or $60 each for 2 - 4

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About Us

Overview - We are passionate about horses and have a genuine desire to help other people realise their hopes and dreams by being involved in best practice management of horses.
Location - Glenbrook Road, Karaka, New Zealand
Introduction - We specialize in instruction and care for horses from youngsters, the worried and/or inexperienced, through to advanced horses in all disciplines.
We offer a HorseHotel for clients horses, allowing mental peace of mind when away...
  • Abderry promulgates the principles of riding in all the English disciplines.
  • Horses of all breeds, sizes and stages come to Abderry to develop their talents and to learn in an inviting and relaxed atmosphere.
Description - All Members of the Abderry Teaching Team are responsible for:
  • Delivering a top class educational service to the equine students of the school.
  • Being positive and empathetic in their communication with clients and other members of the Teaching Team.
  • Delivering the Abderry established programs so that horses can move through a logical progression of development and be confident in their ability to perform.
Facilities - Abderry sits on 120 acres of beautiful Karaka land.  Some of the Custom Built Facilities on the 48ha farm include:
  • A 600m All Weather Sand Track plus a 1000m Grass Track
  • Starting Stalls
  • A 25m Covered Indoor Lunging Ring.
  • Two Large All Weather Exercise Arenas
  • A Specifically Designed Loose Jumping Arena
  • Stabling for 26 horses
  • An 8 Horse Magnum Walker.
  • A custom built Crush.
  • Flat and undulating paddocks
  • A network of all weather tracks and races for hacking out.

The legacy of Desmond Brown...

Desmond BrownAbderry was established in 1984, when Desmond and Cheski Brown immigrated to New Zealand from Singapore. In South East Asia they had been active and respected members of the region’s polo, racing and sporthorse fraternities. The farm (named after their two children Abi and Derry) was originally designed to cater for Desmond’s passion for racing and polo and as a retirement property after a very busy and successful business career.

Desmond and Cheski transformed an established 120 acre dairy farm by building facilities that today include a large stable complex,  polo field, over 60 sheltered paddocks, a 25m diameter covered lunging ring, an eight-horse walker, two all weather arenas, a600m sand track and a loose jumping oval. The development of the farm prompted the decision to put the property to commercial use.

Desmond died in October 1999 but he left clear guidelines as to how the farm and business were to be managed in his absence.

Equine Services

Desmond was insistent that Abderry should always be committed to providing New Zealand sport-horse and racing enthusiasts with a broad range of competitively priced equine services. To this end Abderry employs a competent team of professionals who take enormous pride in what they do

Abderry Racehorses

Abderry had already established a reputation for supplying value for money horses by sending a select number of racehorses to Singapore and Malaysia. In 1998 Abderry formed a partnership with Mr Chang-Sig Kim of United Bloodstock Limited to supply horses to Korea. This partnership went on to deliver 470 horses to the Seoul Racehorse Owners' Association. We are very proud of this achievement, as the horses supplied by Abderry/UBL were the most successful group of horses racing on the KRA circuit in 1999 & 2000.

Equine Sea Shipment

Desmond and Cheski used their knowledge of culture, climate and equine conditions in Singapore and Malaysia, to form an association with the Nedlloyd Shipping Company, which allowed them to pioneer a modern version of equine sea shipment to South East Asia.

This was a successful business venture for Abderry who transported more than 1,000 horses by sea and gave owners and trainers in South East Asia an alternative transportation service that was both cost effective and efficient. Apart from the obvious cost savings the horses were given the opportunity to gradually acclimatise to equatorial life during their two-week journey.

During the course of time and due to shifting business elements, the Abderry Sea Shipment operation to South East Asia has been discontinued.

Abderry Polo Ponies

Desmond really enjoyed his polo and was thrilled when his Auckland team won the New Zealand National 8-Goal tournament in 1994. Desmond and Cheski knew the sort of ponies that were suitable for Asian conditions and have supplied over 150 polo ponies to players in Malaysia and Singapore.  Abderry continues to be involved in the shipment of Polo Ponies and managed the shipment of 15 ponies to the Royal Johore Polo Club, Malaysia in April 2009.

Abderry Sport Horses.

Abderry have been involved in the supply of some very successful Sport horses and ponies to various Asian countries including:

Hong Kong (where we have sent four of their best RDA ponies)

Thailand (where we supplied 30 horses for the 1995 SEA Equestrian Games and 21 Military Horses for the Royal Thai Horse Guards)

Malaysia (where we have supplied approximately 100 horses and ponies to various equestrian centres around the country).

Singapore where a number of the stalwarts at the Bukit Timah Saddle Club and Singapore Polo Club were supplied by Abderry.

Business Philosophy

We are proud of the success of our equine services and the horses we have sold. We are committed to our policy of offering both vendors and clients a professional service at a realistic price.

In January 2003 the Abderry evolution continued and a specialised company: Abderry Equine Services Ltd was created.

We redeveloped and upgraded the facilities, and turned the farm from a useful equine property, to one with truly excellent facilities.

Cheski Brown BHSII and ESNZ Coach Educator

Cheski owes a lot of her instinctive way with horses to her father Captain Dick Tibbattts and over 3000 thousand horses that have taken so much trouble to ensure she remembers that horses are incredibly tolerant of many human requests. 

As Coach she trained the Singapore Equestrian Team to win Gold at the South East Asian Games in held in Singapore in1983 and Chiang Mai, Thailand in 1995.

At Abderry, Cheski works alongside a Team of Equine "Tutors",  who all have their own specialised subjects.

When a human child goes to School their classmates will be potential lawyers, dentists, doctors, bricklayers, homemakers and website designers etc. Regardless of their eventual careers, the lessons taught are generic.

We follow exactly the same principles in our Equine School........ of course all the horses are very special, but a vital lesson of life is to learn "How to Be Calm & Sensible."

Follow the links below to read more about the various training programmes.

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