Why Abderry

Because of the following seven advantages:


Advantage #1

Being Handled by People who are Sympathetic towards Horses

All our team understand that if a horse reacts quickly it’s because it feels the need to defend itself. For this reason we don’t employ nervous, aggressive or grumpy people to ride and or handle your horse

Advantage #2

We Constantly Remind Ourselves That Everything We Do with Your Horse Is A Training Exercise

Every time we touch your horse, even if we’re just leading it in from the paddock, we’re training it. We work on the fact that the young horse’s last experience is the one freshest in its’ mind and the one that’ll have the most influence. We patiently but firmly advise the horse that life will be easier and more fun if they learn to wait and be attentive. If they want to do the exciting stuff, they have to first master the boring ABC lessons.

We compare the Breaking-In Education Process to being like loading a software programme onto a computer…..its important to check that all the files have been loaded, and the most important one is the “Help” file and as we all know “Help” files can only be properly read if you are calm, breathing and thinking slowly!

Advantage #3

Being Taught By People Who Understand That Your Horse Is a creature of Flight not Fight

We understand that horses are prey animals and when they feel the need to run from 'scary things' it’s because they have thousands of years of “flight instinct” built into their brains. We strive to work your horse with the lightest set of aids so it won’t panic because it feels trapped or restricted.

Advantage #4

We Understand That Very Few Problems Will Be Your Horse’s Fault

We are inspired by “problems” (although we would rather call them challenges). We accept that we, as humans, must take the responsibility of being the one at fault in a human/equine misunderstanding. If your horse does not willingly comply with our requests it’s most probably because we’ve not yet explained what’s required as clearly and as logically as necessary for your horse, as our equine pupil, to understand. So when we strike a “problem” we take responsibility for asking your horse the question….”Please show us, exactly what makes you feel uncomfortable”

Advantage #5

We Understand (Although You May Not Have Thought Of It This Way), You Want Your horse to be like V8 Super Car…. Super Powerful & Fitted With an On and Off Switch!

Our aim is to train your horse so that it’ll have power brakes, power steering, a V8 engine and the ability to turn-off and go to sleep. We’ll teach your horse to be alert but patient (like a sports car that’s idling at the traffic lights). We’ll teach it to be able to go up (and down) through the “gears” and to respond to the slightest touch of the brakes and steering but most importantly, we’ll teach it to cruise back into the stable after an exciting experience to turn the engine OFF. Your horse needs to realise that eating is necessary to refuel the tank, sleeping must be done to re-charge the batteries and if it waits patiently it will soon be allowed to go into overdrive again!

Advantage #6

Being Handled By People Who Are Determined To Find As Many Ways As Possible To Successfully Train Horses

As a Team we communicate openly and are constantly discussing and evaluating our individual approaches and techniques. We all have particular roles in Abderry’s syllabus and we enjoy proactively responding to the fact that although each horse must complete their set education units they’re allowed to be individuals with style and flair.

Advantage #7

Being Ridden/Handled By A Team of People Who Take The Time To Check That Yesterday’s Lesson Was Accepted Because It Was Understood Not Because Your Horse Was Too Tired To Argue Any More.

You can be confident when you send your horse to Abderry it will be given the time it needs to learn without pressure. We’ll wait until your horse understands what each subject entails so that it doesn’t feel the need to question or argue as it will be confidently respectful and trusting of our fair and consistent requests. We’ll prepare it so that it is ready to strike up a confident working relationship with all it’s future handlers.