Horse Boarding In Auckland Peace of mind while you're away, so you can REALLY enjoy yourself...

Neighbours and friends are great, as long as they know what to do when there is a problem, and also are able to tend the horse if treatment is required

Your friend can come here for R & R to blob out & recharge while you do the same on your holiday, or we can keep him up to speed for when you get back......

You tell us what you want done and how you want your horse cared for and we can tailor make a care programme.

Leeshelle Small's Kids came to stay in July 2012"Work" can be whatever you require, from lunging, hacking, fitness work, schooling or desensitising.

The work regime can be defined by you, or arranged in conjunction with Abderry.

All Abderry charges include GST, all farrier, dental & health professional charges are separate.

First question we ask is – If your horse is a filly or gelding can he or she horse share a paddock if it has to? If horse is entire male, or owner insists horse has own paddock, our charges are slightly higher.

Abderry can provide several options for your equine friend while you are away.

We welcome visitors to meet the team and view the facilities - please E-mail and/or call us on 09 23 63 867 to make an appointment to view