Is your horse ready
to be Broken-In?


What does this term really mean?

The way your horse reacts to his Breaking-In education will affect virtually every aspect of his life, and it can be one of the most intimidating and confusing times he’s going to encounter if there isn't a mutual understanding between he and his trainers.

The Breaking-In period can change his life, and it can also destroy his future career options.

It can solve problems, or it can create them.

The result of the Breaking-In process will have one of the most important effects in every horse’s life, yet it’s what most owners and trainers never fully understand or appreciate.

The average Racehorse Breaking-In procedure fails to address that the horse is a creature of flight not fight.  Horse racing takes advantage of the basic equine instinct to RUN.  If his early education follows principles that encourage your horse to fight, he'll never learn to trust, that it's OK to relax -  and he’ll always be at a disadvantage in producing and sustaining his best form for more than just a very short campaign.

Abderry has a simple mission — to educate and train horses towards achieving their full individual athletic potential.  We want you to be proud of owning your horse and we want to produce mentally and physically high achieving athletes for the NZ Thoroughbred Industry as a whole. 

We want your horses to trust that we’re not going to abuse their courage.  We'll reward their achievement and perseverance by treating them as individuals  -  we know for a fact ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL.

Training for Trust

We charge a Flat Fee and give our equine pupils time to take their lessons on board at their own speed.  If they're nervous and highly strung we'd rather give them a bit longer to work everything out than rush them.

We provide the opportunity for your young horse to be an individual.

We'll list your horse on Gavelhouse.... Do you want to sell your horse? 

 Send it to us for some training or agistment and while it's here
we'll create and maintain a listing for you on Gavelhouse at a very special rate.  See more>>
Stan and I have had at least 10 horses broken in/educated at Abderry by the very competent caring staff.

All of these horses are well behaved and successful at our chosen occupation for them.

The greatest attribute they all possess is calmness and confidence.. As an example of Abderry education a 2 year old filly went to the track for the first time today. Her behaviour , loading on the truck, standing calmly in the tie ups and going out onto the the track to work was all exemplary behaviour reflecting her Abderry professional early education.
Best regards
Gail Temperton &
Stan Alexander
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