We offer one hour horse riding lessons using your own horse or pony. Our private and group lessons, available during weekdays and on weekends, are open to riders of all ages and abilities at our riding school in Karaka, only one hour south of Auckland CBD.

You'll learn how to improve your riding with Cheski Brown, owner of Abderry, who coaches all of our students.

With more than 40 years of experience, Cheski is a passionate coach who is committed to developing confidence and leadership in all of our riders. She loves riding and is happy to ride your horse if necessary to feel what you're feeling and find out what does and doesn't work him


Our special horse ``Merlin``

We also have a mechanical horse, affectionately called 'Merlin', that'll help improve your control by improving your posture.

Merlin is surrounded by mirrors, so you can simultaneously see and feel what's happening to your body as you ride, giving you the unique opportunity to coach yourself as you strengthen and tighten your muscles for improved stability in the saddle.