Cheski's coaching philosophy for YOU as the rider, is well explained in the following video:

Cheski has an amazing ability to coach across a diverse range of people, ages, skills and learning styles.

Learning to ride as a mature adult and being extremely naive about the challenges and learning experiences to be faced has been made easier - and fun with Cheski's unwavering support, guidance and encouragement - in both ridden and groundwork.

Not only will you learn riding skills but also how to overcome the barriers in your own thinking!

I can sincerely recommend Cheski as a coach whichever style of learning you have and for whatever goals you want to achieve.
Jacqui Coombes

Had a great show at Woodhill winning the pony super series on Frosty can't be more happier with him thank you Cheski for all your help and coaching.
Leeshelle Small

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Hire of Facilities

Four Kaiaua Sand & Shell based Arenas
Grass Dressage Arena in dry weather
Kaiaua Sand & Shell Track  - 600 metres

Arena /Track hire
Casual use $20 per horse (including jumps) or $175.00 paid in advance for ten uses.
All welcome, Trainers, Clubs, Clinics, Trial of Horse, Fitness, Schooling

Coaching with Cheski - $75 private session or $65 each for 2 - 4


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Why Riding Lessons (Coaching) @ Abderry?

Because we offer friendly professional Riding Instruction and Coaching with Cheski for all ages and levels of riders on your own horse or pony.

We provide a 'safe' place for you to learn and improve your riding.

Because we offer both week day and week end time frames you can enjoy either private or group lessons for children or adults. Shared lessons are grouped so that your levels of experience are similar. Then every one gets the same opportunity to learn and have fun.
Both one on one and shared sessions are for an hour - allowing for fitness of horse and rider. 

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Cheski Brown Riding Clinics

  Join a group and be comforted in the realisation that you're not alone with your problems and fears.  Sometimes you learn even more when you see someone else dealing with a challenge that you have.  Read more
Cheski loves 'growing leaders'.
She will set you challenges to discover how you like to achieve and therefore gain confidence.
Rather than tell you what to do with your hands and feet every step of the ride, she'll encourage you to verbalize your own options to improve your performance, then she'll let you (as long as she feels you've chosen a safe option) decide which option to try first. 

You'll be encouraged to analyse how you and your horse respond to each other and identify the consistent patterns that occur both when things go 'well' - and when things start to go 'wrong'.
You'll learn to work out - should your horse be evasive - is it because he's 'naughty' or because he's finding it difficult and or uncomfortable to do his job 'properly'?
The aim is for you is to understand why your horse reacts in a certain way. With this knowledge you can then make changes to your attitude and mindset and start to make things easier and achievable for both of you. 

If you can achieve in persuading, not forcing, a horse to work with you - you're developing your leadership skills.
After all - horses don't fabricate respect and are usually at least five times bigger than you!

The Training Environment

Your horse's way of going often reflects the the way you're thinking.

So if you're very tentative and unsure that your horse is going to react favourably you will probably be 100% right! 
Therefore we'll start at the start, working on the things you know you can get your horse to do and we'll work at your pace.
It's your session so we'll concentrate on the things that are important to YOU.  Having said this you'll be pushed and encouraged to work hard, but safely. 

Cheski can understand how it feels to be unsure around horses but doesn't believe we loose confidence.
What some people call 'a loss of confidence' is what Cheski calls 'a gaining of wisdom' - now you understand the ramifications of being out of sync with your horse.

Training with Cheski is not judgmental, she'll encourage you not to argue with reality.
'What Is' may not be 'What It Should Be' but it is 'What Is'!

Coaching Style

Cheski Brown.jpgCheski asks lots of questions such as -
'What's your goal for this month?'
'What are you noticing right now?'
'What are you going to do next?' 
'Did that work?'
'What did you learn from using that option?'
'What else could you do?
And probably the most important question of all -

'Did you ride that with the mindset of "Of course I'm Going to Achieve My Goal"?

Cheski intends to provoke your thought process.
The aim is to give you confidence - as long as you are in the right mindset, you do know what to do. 
This will help you know how to tackle challenges when by yourself, and don't have someone giving you instructions.

You will be given exercises and routines to work on between coaching sessions.
She'll explain how both you and your horse can be more tolerant of each other's fitness, soreness and anxiety levels.  Cheski has spent over 26 years studying horse behaviour.
She has developed a real understanding of how we can make life easier for our horses (and therefore ourselves) and has simple ways of imparting this knowledge.

So many riders try too hard and are so concerned about 'doing it properly' and 'looking good', that spontaneity has been taught out of riding.
Cheski asks, 'So what, if the first time you do it, it isn't perfect?'
At least you've made a start, got a base reading and have something to work on!
You only make mistakes if you continue, over and over again, to keep using a formula that doesn't work.  If you analyse your "mistakes" and then try a slightly different approach, they become training experiences which are wonderful things!

Hi Cheski
Today was great, it feels like things are starting to make sense again. Mentally it has been a struggle jumping lately, but now I feel like I have a place to work from going forward. You really have made a huge difference to my understanding of where things are going wrong and opened my eyes to trying some options.
It makes such a difference having someone listen to your fears and not make a joke out of what you find hard. Just calmly helping you work thru the issues. I always come away from your sessions on a high. Looking forward to our next session. Will give you a ring in a couple of weeks and book one in.
thanks again
Heather and Muppet


Coach of the Gold Medal Singapore Eventing Team in Chaing Mai 1995
Cheski (in red) eyeing up the opposition at the start of a Mule Race
Cheski holds a BHSII qualification registered and is an enthusiastic student of the learning process.

Her coaching experiences are varied and include stints as National Coach for the Singapore Equestrian team between 1975 & 1995. She steered the Singapore Eventing Team to Gold medal victory at the 1995 South East Asian Games in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The South East Asian events were always run using borrowed horses and the teams had very limited opportunity to get to know their competition mounts

This necessitated a "what else can we do" attitude and plan to always have ready for implementation.

Just an hour after the SEA Gold Medal victory photo (upper left) was taken, Cheski was delighted with the opportunity to talk the talk and walk the walk   - photo lower left shows Cheski (in red) at the start of the Mule race. She came from dead last -  from a total braying standstill at the end of the first turn - to win by a head!

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