Racehorse Testimonials

Final Frontier in Pre-Race Training

Spirit of Alaton between Races

Maggie has settled in ok, doing what I do best eating, drinking [water] and sleeping!
She will be going south to continue to spell early November. Thanks for educating Maggie much appreciated, a job well done, great pic`s thanks alot, here's to the future

John Berger,Pukekohe

Richard and I told Gail and Stan that we would drop you an email, and no time like the present to fill you in on the boys.

Baxter and Red went to the trials today and both won 800mtr heats.

Red was very smart right from the jump, but we were just hoping he was in the mood to make it round the corner!! Well we were all a bit worried for nothing really and he was like an old champ and did everything properly.

As for Baxter Boy (who i have a little soft spot for, he's my favourite,,, but don't tell Debbie, she runs a very close 2nd!) Baxter was very brave and took a small gap for a storming run home in the last 100mtrs. It was fantastic to see him wind up and be so competitive.

We would also like to let you know, we love all the horses that you have broken in, they are such a pleasure to handle and ride.

At the moment the other kids in work at Joy (who will just NOT get tired!) Baxter and Red, Buddy (who is going to Jumpouts next week), Debbie, ZaZa, DP (Gail has taken over DP, and she is a fantastic horse for Gail, such a pleasure to do anything with and so grown up!)

We would like to give Joy a break but she is jumping out of her skin and we are a little worried that if shes not tired she may hurt herself!

Richard and BJ French, Palmerston North

Having worked horse for 2 weeks afterwards horse is going well.

Wayne Burke, Pukekohe

Both horses are confident and relaxed with good brakes and steering. Thanks!

Chris & Margaret Cartwright, Marton

Keep up the good work.
Phil & Jane Crosbie, Pokeno

Horses were not rushed and always seemed happy and relaxed. Was more "education" than "breaking".
Mary Hackshaw, Waiau Pa

Very, very happy with horse's progress and so was trainer.
David Hatley, Waingaro

Abderry remains unsurpassed in its capacity to prepare horses to the highest standard for export.
Chris Pearson Instone Air Services, Australia

I have found your services extremely competent. A great place for horses to be cared for. Well mannered. Thanks.
Peter Lock, Horotiu

A very good advertisement and article in the “Horse and Pony” attracted my attention, you demonstrated immediately on the phone the belief in working at the horse’s pace and ability and I liked that approach. Very nice facilities that were obviously well run and friendly knowledgeable staff. Your knowledge and expertise impressed me and the fact that we achieved a very pleasing result with Olympia before she left. You taught me a lot in dealing and handling a young filly like her. Thank you I really did enjoy coming out each day for that week and the staff made me feel very welcome.
Vivianne Moller, Auckland

The horses went to Abderry by word of mouth. I wasn't disappointed. Some may have “Gentled” them as well, but none could have done it better.
Tony Mihaljevich, Auckland

Nice to get the updates and photos on her return. Looks like a good job on a "not so easy" youngster.
Paula Mussen, Waiau Pa

Thanks very much for the interest taken in Fred, Peter is very happy with the way he has come back into work.
Gary Thomas, Taihape

My husband and I believe that Abderry has and will give our horses a chance to develop. Abderry displays patience and time. Qualities others do not have.
Vicky Trompert, Waiau Pa

The service at Abderry has always been top class.
John Wheeler, New Plymouth

The filly came back well educated and very sensible.
Phillipa White, Karaka

Everything about Abderry is very professional, It is a horse heaven - Absolutely superb.

Nikki Williamson, Coatesville

Horse looks good.
Jack Wilson, Hastings

We were very appreciative of the excellent care and attention provided to our horse. The horse was able to go onto its next stage of preparation ie training to race in top order. Would definitely use Abderry's service again in the future.
Brett Wilson, Greymouth