October 03 2012

Takanini Feeds @Abderry Twilight Show

Dressage Class 1   
Judge Richard Harwood   Writer Shona Kyle

Rider Horse Place
Gabrielle Liebmann Zac 1st
Laura Daly Lost My Sock 2nd
Angela Hooper Got Lucky 3rd
Jasmine Naden My Questionnaire 4th
Sophie Fenemor All That Jazz 5th


Dressage Class 2    

Rider Horse Place
Philippa Wessels Martini 1st
Zephania Steele Jake 2nd
Zephania Steele Jake 3nd
Laura Daly Lost My Sock 4th
Chanelle Walsh Teddy 5th



Judge: Louise Emshey assisted by Gill Jamieson    Gate Michelle Innes & Bobbie Fisk

Intro SJ Class 50cm - CTT   

Rider Horse Place
Amanda Parker Summer Rain 1st
Cathy McWatt Roscoe 2nd
Gabriella Liebmann Zac 3rd
Jessica Swales Gipsy The Pixie 4th
Charles Peake Pam 5th

 SJ Class 1    0.60 - 0.80m  (CTT)
Horse Place
Chares Peake Pam 1st =
Renee Faulkner Jumping Jack 1st=
Cathy MacWatt Roscoe 2nd
Anna McCormick Tiny 3rd
Renee Faulkner Emblems Royal Barbie 4th

 SJ Class 2    0.60 - 0.80m  (Two Phase)
Horse Place
Michaela Johnson Paint by Numbers 1st
Sophie Fenemor All That Jazz 2nd
Renee Faulkner Emblems Royal Barbie 3rd
Amanda Parker Summer Rain 4th
Renee Faulkner Jumping Jack 5th

 SJ Class 3  0.80m-1.00m  (CTT)
Horse Place
Anna McCormick Tiny 1st
Natalie Jamieson Bud 2nd
Gillian Gordon Crystal Clear 3rd
Anna McCormick Ted 4th
Kylie Marx Icey Red 5th

 SJ Class 4  0.80m - 1.00m  (Two Phase)
Horse Place
Amy Parker My Money Maker 1st
Gillian Gordon Crystal Clear 2nd
Kylie Marx Icey Red 3rd
Alisha Arvidson Slipper 4th
Melissa Marriner Cookie 5th

 SJ Class 5  1.00m - 1.10m  (CTT)
Horse Place
Alisha Arvidson Slipper 1st
Tanya Liefting Rio 2nd

SJ Class 6  1.00m - 1.10m  (Two Phase)
Horse Place
Melissa Marriner Dinky 1st=
Melissa Marriner Apple Ist=
Alisha Arvidson Slipper E
Tanya Liefting Rio E
Melissa Marriner Fly E