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Agistment & Rehabilitation

Relaxed Horses
Facilities Established 1984 Close to Auckland
Located on Glenbrook Road in the lush green area of Karaka, New Zealand,  Abderry is specifically set up to provide services from Weaning to Breaking-In, Pre-training and Agistment.

The tranquil and equine friendly environment provides an idyllic setting for horse training.  We aim to set the stage for your horse to embark on a long and productive career.
Some of the Custom Built Facilities on the 48ha farm include:
  • 450m All Weather Sand Track
  • 25m Covered Indoor Lunging Ring.
  • Three Large All Weather Exercise Arenas
  • Stabling for 34 horses
  • A 10 Horse Magnum Walker.
  • Two specific work areas- well separated
  • Two custom built Crushes.
  • Flat and undulating paddocks
  • A network of all weather tracks and races
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Breaking-In, Training & Education

We're located along Glenbrook Road in the lush green area of Karaka, New Zealand and we're specifically set up to provide services for thoroughbred training, pre-training and agistment.

Part of the Abderry Property

The tranquil, spectacular and equine friendly environment provides an idyllic setting for training your horse so that it can increase it’s performance and set the stage for a long and productive life as your racehorse.

Breaking-In or Foundation Training

As with humans, horses are individuals. Our basic natures are shaped initially by genetic pre-disposition and then by life experiences. As with the iceberg theory, behaviour is the exposed tip of the ice-berg with the athletic ability, beliefs and values sitting out of sight beneath the surface but responsible for behaviour.  We do our best to allow each horse to build it's natural confidence that it can do what's asked by humans and that humans can be trusted not to abuse the horse's generosity.

Training horses is more about applying the "principles" to the situation not so much about the exercises you're doing with the horse.

An unstarted horse is like a blank canvas. As humans we're looking for a better relationship & clearer communication between the horses and ourselves in a kind, and natural way. Like any creative endeavour, the process involves a clear vision, patience, self-discipline and an ability to work through any number of unforeseen obstacles with an open mind. This is the philosophy of Cheski Brown, Principal of Abderry Boarding School for Horses.

Cheski believes that Patience, Knowledge and Understanding are the only things you need to bring into horse training sessions.

Patience to give the horse as long as it needs to take it's lessons on board.

When we think we've run out of Knowledge it's just because we haven't asked the question: What else is can we do to make the message clear.

Understanding and respect for the horse's generosity is the very quality that allows us to continue teaching to mould a bright and confident future for our equine pupils.