Racehorse Breaking-In
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Racehorse Breaking-In

Breaking-in (Approx 8 weeks).

Flat fee to teach your horse the following:

To be caught, led, tied up, washed, covered & to be nice to a farrier, vet, dentist and other health professionals. He will learn to be patient, trusting and confident.

At the end of his education, you will see him ridden in walk, trot and canter in an open area.

Before he leaves Abderry, or any time afterwards, we are very happy to be involved in helping to map out an exact spelling/training programme that will be most appropriate for his development and progression towards the winners circle.

We offer three options for the way the horses being Broken-In "live". You are given the opportunity to chose whether you want your horse to share a paddock, live alone or be boxed during his education.

Your horse’s diet will be managed by Abderry and this will be appropriate for his condition and stage of training

After Breaking-In, your horse can either have time out at Agistment (which we normally recommend) or go straight into the Racehorse Early Pre-Race Training

At any time that your horse is at Abderry or if you would like some personal tuition we would be delighted to introduce you to Racehorse Handling Course For Owners