Racehorse Early Handling before Breaking In
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Racehorse Early Handling before Breaking In

Pre Breaking In (Approx 3 weeks).

We suggest this is done in early spring and is particularly important if you are not going to prepare your yearling for the National Sales series

This gives your horse a basic education so that it is easier to handle and less likely to cause injury to itself or anyone handling it.

Enquire about our Flat fee to teach your horse the following:

To be caught, led, tied up, washed, covered, how to behave on the Walker & to be nice to a farrier, vet and other health professionals.

At the end of this period, you will see it being lunged and long reined very quietly on both reins and being confident enough to be pleasant to handle when you take it home.

Course includes a thorough explanation and (if you choose) personal tuition as to how to handle and deal with your youngster when you take it home.

When your horse has mastered these lessons and grown up a bit more, he or she will be ready for Racehorse Yearling Sales Prep or Racehorse Breaking-In

At any time that your horse is at Abderry or if you would like some personal tuition we would be delighted to introduce you to Racehorse Handling Course For Owners

While with us your horse’s diet will be managed by Abderry and this will be appropriate for it’s condition and stage of training.