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I enjoy the discussions that take place at clinics...I would like to see "shorter, condensed" explanations though. My horse benefits from the rests while the discussions take place, but I have noticed that often a glazed look is seen on riders as they zone out...I like the talks...helps me to understand things ....doesn't work for everyone though? Possibly a deterrent to not come back?

Sunday April 21 2013

Spock Had the most awesome weekend. Travelled up to Abderry, Auckland, as Mr Spock was all ready to come home, and he has turned out brilliantly.  I got to ride Spock yesterday morning and he was just wonderful, a real cruiser and super comfy to ride!

He will definitely be my main man for the near future!!

So a huge thanks to Cheski Brown and her wonderful team, especially Ellen who has been Spock's mum whilst he has been away.
Fiona Beale
Saturday April 20 2013

Jennifer Boyes and Jazz April 20 2013(copy)Thank you for a superb first ride on Jazz earlier - I absolutely loved it and can't wait for my next visit.

You're doing an awesome job with my big baby girl!

Jennifer Boyes
April 14 2013

AztecThank you for looking after my much loved Azzy and Donut.  It is nice to know there is somewhere I can trust to send them, and that their needs are looked after, especially Azzy.  Your advice is always sound and very much appreciated.

You will be pleased to know that Azzy is now self loading and in true Azzy fashion has a think and then loads himself at speed.  His current rider is very much enjoying him and he runs over to see her when he hears that she has arrived as he may be going hunting!
Thank you again

Janine Lee
April 13 2013

Hokey PokeyFantastic first week home with Hokey ....worked everyday....second farm ride today and I'm in love ...... thanks to you all for my fabulous pony. He did you proud!!!

April 08 2013

Two days home and two great rides on Hokey.....going great and thanks ever so much to you all for the fantastic job you've done with my boy.
Sally Dawson

April 05 2013

Leeshelle & TammyHi Guys,
just wanted to say thanks for all the Wednesday night shows over the summer.  They were fun, relaxing and awesome training nights.  Thanks to Animal Stuff for sponsoring, will drop in today.  Thanks to all the staff and helpers on the nights.  Most of all thanks Cheski for everything you have done for Leeshelle this season, you're the best!
Aria Small

March 19 2013

Hi Abderry, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for taking such good care of Toni while we were away competing at HOY,  it was nice to know she was so well cared for during the week. When we arrived to collect her this morning she had been washed and looked a million dollars!
So thanks again.

I would highly recommend Abderry Equestrian Centre for any horse / pony that needs looking after.
Many thanks The Kyd Family.

Hi Team Abderry!

Rex CarterJust thought I would let you know how little Rex is getting on.  He went to his first show on the weekend, Helensville A&P show.  Only had him inhand to get him used to it all.  He was great! So lovely to handle.  It was amusing to see all the "proper" showhorses, rearing and kicking and carrying on while Rex just stood there like a good man.  I have you and your team to credit for this.

We are currently just hacking in the forest, getting to know each other and it has been a lot of fun for the both of us. He just takes everything in his stride, any new obstacles he assesses calmly and without any panic. Motorbikes, cyclists etc in the forest have not been a problem.  I must thank you and your team again for the work you did with Rex, he is just incredible.  I couldn't have enrolled him in a better place.

The lessons he learnt during his time with you have carried on into everyday situations and it blows me away how calm and relaxed he is about life. I just love taking him out, he is a total joy.
Many thanks,