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How could we have improved the way we returned your horse to you, explained any challenges we'd had and how we'd dealt with them?

# Responses
1 None, horse was returned in better shape than it arrived - very happy!
2 Every horse individual but have always found you guys fantastic at treating each as such. And all horses have returned in a good easy to handle/ride state. Only negative feedback I have post horses going to trainers is that they don't stand patiently in tie-ups, but probably more to do with the tough nuts of the family rather than anything done with abderry
3 They came back in excellent condition.
4 Horses are always returned in lovely newly bathed condition.
5 My horses have been returned in top order. Abderry found challenges I had missed, I was completely satisfied with the work done on these horses.
6 I don't believe you could have done anything better. I was very clear on how to work with my horse once I got him home.

Are there any other improvements you would like us to make?

# Responses
1 a covered arena (maybe ask santa) - then we could truly ride all year round and not have to cancel our lesson time due to weather conditions - if I win lotto I will make a contribution :)
2 Some tracks to go hacking on and some mid week dressage competition that occurs during school hours Mirrors for schooling
3 Maybe have an all weather dressage arena
4 Flood lights, so you could continue to hold twilight show jumping which helped my show jumping a lot, and also you could do more lessons during the winter months.
5 Maybe a few xc fences? A few more clinics in the holidays
6 A safe hacking track would be great. Winter dressage and show jumping training days (like the summer twilight ones)
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Are there additional services or events that you would use, if Abderry made them available

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1 Saturday practice days, weds are great but with kids it's hard during the week.
2 Swimming pool for horses. Long track for doing hill work so that those of us on a small block can do the long slow canters so necessary for getting horses fit for eventing. I am sure this would be very popular as would a swimming pool although I realise the capital expenditure might be high.
3 Uncover tacking up, lights in the arena
4 Perhaps some days where we can bring green horses out to play over things like liverpools, banks, ditches etc?
5 Derby like competitions. Sj plus some xc fences / mobiles
6 Maybe some bigger jumping classes


Is there anything else you'd like to tell us?

# Responses
1 there isn't a lot out their for young / green horses. it's great to have Abderry as it's a safe environment, with easy access.  I can't wait to come and ride on the new surface! And I'll have to book in again for a group lesson once my 4 year old is back in work. Thanks so much Cheski and Jan for your training days - they are truly an excellent outing for the young ones - and lots of fun :-)
2 I love the warmth and encouragement at abderry. Especially when it comes to greenies and our tbs. I always feel the team is so friendly and goes above and beyond the call of duty. Love the arena set up. Jumps with lots of variation. Fillers, flowers extra. Offering plenty of exposure. The only thing I don't like is that abderry is not my next door neighbor?? Looking forward to seeing what new and interesting things you come up with. 
3 I love hearing about abderry and up and coming things but wonder if you could Condense all the emails with people selling things to maybe one email every few days. Clinics etc fine but too many ponies/horses for sale. Maybe it is just me! I do like hearing about abderry things this haven't stopped the updates.
4 Great job listening to feedback and doing something about your arena - you will find that you will get more support for sure. Thank you for accommodating pain in the arse busy people like me! I would recommend your services for holiday care and horses in work to others as that is all i have had exposure to. You could do $20 vouchers at your shows to entice people to use your services (sorry if you already do that and i didn't know). Looking forward to trying your arena. You guys are really good at social media and self promotion - keep it up! 
5 We appreciate being able to enjoy your facility
6 You run a fantastic establishment and are always so friendly and approachable

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