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Answers to Questions about Cheski's Coaching...

What do you enjoy most about riding and working with your current horses?

# Responses
1 Makes me relax
2 I enjoy the fact that he is young and green - eliminates any pressure that I would otherwise put on myself to be more "results driven" this can be a negative when I am limited in my own knowledge and restrict his progress...enter Cheski
3 On behalf of my daughter - Love having functional ponies I can do anything on.
4 He's a challenge and he's teaching me to ride better
5 Show jumping and eventing
6 the new combination is exciting, forward and provides new challenges - my daughter has never been so keen to ride! she gets up early and rides twice a day on weekends.

What's your Number 1 Riding Goal for next season

# Responses
1 My number one goal is to become an effective rider with control of every stride, whether doing jumping or dressage. ENJOY every minute.
2 To gain confidence, not be so nervous, trust my horse and be his leader. Get on with enjoying riding not being scared of it. My partner would agree with the above for him and would like to get the nervousness out of his horse.
3 to keep on improving; and perhaps if i must have a goal for the 2015/2016 season it would be to S/J a clear round at 1.05-1.10 goal
4 To ride with confidence in all types of situations whether it be at home, pony club, competitions or out hacking.
5 2014 was about safety so now in 2015 I can have more fun. I want to improve my ' what to do and when to do it' and improve my communication aids. This hopefully will keep her willing to please and trust me. So my riding goal is to develop this so that we have lots of variety and fun.
6 To be successfully competing in 3* SJ and competing in POTY.

What do you feel needs to be strengthened in order to achieve your goal for next season?

# Responses
1 Removing the I can't from my head and regular practice!
2 Everything! Forwardness, my balance, my knowledge, his muscle....the list goes on
3 Hours in the saddle, practice, lessons. Competition.
4 My position and balance mostly
5 How I ride the turns and set her up for the fences
6 more regular coaching (which has now been achieved - mum was slack on the bookings). reminders of technique (diagonals etc) to avoid mistakes in the ring.
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Are there any aspects you like changed so that you get more value out of your coaching sessions?

# Responses
1 No... love the lessons. Love the fact that my daughter wants to text her Sunday night and report her results. Love that as a mum I can bounce ideas off her. The ear piece is the best thing she has ever brought.
2 The mic system is fantastic, the kids dont feel like you are yelling at them like other coaches do. We like that you can communicate privately so that you get an honest response rather than the "what mum wants me to say" response.
3 if my pony is sore or stiff or anything just tell me as I hate riding him through it
4 I LOVEEEEEEE every lesson I have had with Cheski and they have all been sooo different. She can see what we need before we have even started our lesson. So looking forward to training more with her this year and many more I hope.
5 no - she is the master - i have never had a lesson from cheski (and i've had a tremendous amount over the years) where i haven't enjoyed and valued every minute she had been coaching me
6 Not really - l really like the way Cheski adapts to the situation and is constantly learning (from others) & bringing those things learnt to the lessons. One of the best things Cheski told me was that if something wasn't working, try something different to get a result different result. I also feel like sessions are just for me and there's not a 'one size fits all' approach.

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