Sporthorse Schooling

Do you have a horse that's not performing up to expectations? Read how we can help you
Understand Why
Starting Young Horses
Give your young horse a good start

Hanley Products range

Muscle Building for Horses
All horses at Abderry are fed

Hire of Facilities

Two arenas available - sand & shell mix surface
Sand Track  - 600 metres

Arena /Track hire
Casual use $20 per horse (including jumps) or $160.00 paid in advance for ten uses.
All welcome, Trainers, Clubs, Clinics, Trial of Horse, Fitness, Schooling

Visiting Trainers & Clinics using Facilities - G/Fee per horse is $15.
Coaching with Cheski - $75 private session or $60 each for 2 - 4 INCLUDES G/Fee


Ring Jan 09 2363 867 during office hours or e-mail to book an arena for training - Bookings Essential

Answers To Rated Questions

Answers to 'Rated' Questions

(Rated means scored 0-10, 10 being highest rating)

Question Rating
How likely is it that you would recommend us to a friend or colleague? 9.2
How would you rate the quality of our services? 8.7
How effective are we at meeting your needs? 9.2
How friendly and helpful are we? 9.2
How easy are we to deal with? 8.3
How likely is it that you would recommend us as an Information Resource to a friend or colleague? 7.4
How well do you think Abderry has understood your challenges? 9.1
Question % that said "Yes"
Have you seen us on Facebook 62%
Did you know we were upgrading our arenas & track? 49%

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