Wishing your horse had more work?

spooking2 Is your horse excited, fidgety and pushy to handle and you know you need to spend longer waiting for him to be ready to ride?

We have the time and facilities to wait until he's remembered that he can stand still. 

We can give your horse a week or so of consistent routine and work so he's used to being compliant.

We can give him a make-over hairstyle, trim-up, wash and brush-up so when you pick him up he's looking good, acting civilized and ready for you to start "proper" work with him.


Some of the Custom Built Facilities on our 48ha farm include:

- 450m All Weather Sand Track
- 25m Covered Indoor Lunging Ring.
- Three Large All Weather Exercise Arenas
- Stabling for 34 horses
- An 10 Horse Magnum Walker.
- Two specific work areas- well separated
- Two custom built Crushes.
- Flat and undulating paddocks
- A network of all weather tracks and races
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After eighteen months working with my daughter’s lovable but challenging pony, we had reached an impasse. I wanted him sold-she wanted to keep him forever. We needed advice from someone who could think outside the square, someone who could get inside the pony’s head and tell us where it was all going wrong.

From the day we arrived at Abderry, I realised we were onto something special. Cheski’s horsemanship was matched by her uncanny ability to bond with my daughter. What we achieved in those first few lessons in the covered round pen were a revelation. Cheski explained the science and psychology behind his behaviours, allowed the pony to let off steam before settling him down to hard work. Before long we graduated from the round pen to dressage in the big arenas and then onto jumping lessons.

Suffice to say we still own the pony, still trundle out to Karaka and still enjoy watching Cheski working her magic on my daughter and pony at her stunning Karaka property. For us, Cheski was a game changer.
Kirsten Martelli

We first heard about Cheski at Abderry, through a word of mouth referral, for a problem pony we owned, back in 2010.  Our daughter started  one on one lessons with Cheski at that time and immediately found her totally down to earth, practical, and REALLY funny.  (As parents footing the bill it was also very refreshing to finally meet someone in the horse industry who was totally honest). 

The pony didn’t really come right, but through no fault of Abderry.  However our daughter picked up a lot of new skills in how to handle her pony which have carried on for her through to all walks of her life.  She also gained back her self confidence in her ability to ride, through Cheski’s kind coaching.

We  moved onto pony number two, 3 years later, and then had a whole lot of new issues to work through.  (Arab Palamino mare – need I say more). 

All through these many years, we have carried on coming and going from Abderry, either sending and leaving  our horses to them for basic ground work training,  and/or sending our daughter for coaching.   Cheski, and her professional team, have all assisted us in having a totally positive experience with Abderry and we would have no hesitation in recommending this excellent training facility for both horses and humans – thanks so much Cheski for keeping our daughters confidence in herself and also her love of horses and riding intact, through many trying years of fickle ponies!
Rachel, (daughter) Rosie and Keith Lane (Parents)

Breaking-In, Training & Education

Some of the equine facilities.jpg

Many people who are training horses will ask questions that the horse has no way of understanding or answering. Then they will fight with the horse or hold him hostage until the horse either gives in or gives up. The so-called trainer walks away feeling like he or she has won the game because the horse finally did what they wanted him to do. But no actual communication took place. What happened was "breaking" not training.

They condition the horse to random tasks one by one. They do not do it in a systematic way that is logical to the horse.

That’s not the way we do it at Abderry

We like the fact that horses have very simple minds. They can only connect a cause-and-effect sequence of about two steps. To be horse logical, the next thing you teach a horse can never be more than one step away from the thing you just taught him and not more than two steps away from the thing before that.

Getting_Trust_1.JPG We make it easy for the horse to understand how to do the next thing we want to teach him because it flows naturally from the last thing he learned. It is set up to be horse logical for him to behave in a certain pattern. He shouldn't have to guess about what we want until he accidentally gets it right. He shouldn't have to stress himself mentally or physically until he learns to do the "correct" thing by avoiding the "incorrect" thing.

At Abderry we teach our horses a "language" based on their body position relative to ours. The horse first learns on the ground that certain body language on our part calls for him to be in a certain position relative to our own. With this as a basis for understanding, we gradually shift the concepts of mirroring the trainer and working in a corridor of aids from ground work to under saddle work and eventually to whatever “game” we ultimately want the horse to play.

Training horses is about developing the horse's mental attitudes to the point where they enjoy playing the same games that you do. That means taking mental control of your horse. The controlling factor is not strength, not size, not speed. The horse is ten times stronger, bigger and faster than we are.

Let other people be the ones who jerk on horses and slap them around or hassle them until they've "learned" something. We want to be the ones who can communicate with the horse using horse logical emotions, horse logical shapes and change them from what they aren't into what they can be by using what they are to start with.

Send your youngsters to:

“Abderry Boarding School for Horses”

where there is a Kindy, a Pre-School, a Primary School, a Department of Physical Education, a Sport Horse College and an Advice Bureau!

Cheski is the Principal and works alongside a Team of Equine Councillors, Coaches & Tutors who all have their own specialist Subjects.

When a human child goes to Primary School their classmates will be potential lawyers, dentists, doctors, bricklayers, homemakers and website designers etc.

We follow exactly the same principles in the education of all our young horses...of course they are all very special individuals, but a vital lesson that everyone needs to learn in life is "How to Wait Your Turn."

Some of the custom built facilities for Training Sporthorses on the 48ha farm include:
  • A 25m Covered Indoor Lunging Ring.
  • Two Large All Weather Exercise Arenas
  • A Specially Designed Loose Jumping Arena
  • Pipe Dressage Arena
  • Stabling for 28 horses
  • An 8 Horse Walker.
  • A Custom built Crush.
  • A full set of Show Jumps
  • Cross Country logs
  • Flat and undulating paddocks
  • A network of all weather tracks and races