Sporthorse Early Training
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Sporthorse Early Training

Early Sporthorse Training (Recommended time approximately 6 weeks)

This department gives your horse a good grounding of long slow conditioning aerobic work to build general body strength without stress.

Courses are suitable for horses that have not yet been competitive or who are coming back into work after a spell in the paddock. Horses on these courses will typically be worked “in self carriage” and will be allowed to find their own balance without rider interference.

We offer three options for the way the horses on Early Sporthorse Training "live". You are given the opportunity to chose whether you want your horse to share a paddock, live alone or be boxed during his training.

All horses on Sporthorse Training Courses are fed (at least twice/day) on a diet that is appropriate for their stage of training and condition.

From Early Sporthorse Training, your horse will be ready to move into Sporthorse Full Training or do some Loose Jumping.

At any time we are available for Sporthorse HorseHotel for Holiday Care, Sporthorse Ground Control Lessons & Cheski is an experienced Coach