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Amino Acids - How They Work

Arginine - Promotes growth through the release of metabolic hormones ( insulin and growth hormone ). An important constituent of muscle. A precursor for creatine synthesis.  Accelerates wound and burn healing.

Histidine - Necessary for growth. An important constituent of muscle. Stimulates production of red and white blood cells. Helps treat arthritis. Precursor for histamine - an
important neurotransmitter

Isoleucine - One of three essential branched chain amino acids.  Used for muscular energy production.  Helps treat nervous system degeneration.

Leucine - Branched chain amino acid. Maintains muscle strength during times of physical stress and intensive exercise.  Inhibits breakdown of muscle proteins.
Stimulates insulin release.

Lysine - The most important amino acid for improving growth in young horses. The major amino acid used as a standard for dietary content in growing horses. Precursor
for carnitine. Aids in formation of antibodies to control viral infection. Important in fat metabolism.

Methionine - Regulates cell metabolism and growth.  Antioxidant. Constituent of muscles. May assist in keratinisation of hooves - often found as an ingredient in
hoof repair supplements eg “Farriers formula”

Phenylalanine - Antidepressant and pain reliever. Essential for nitrogen balance in tissues

Threonine - Essential for optimum growth , feed conversion and nitrogen balance in tissues. Component of digestive enzymes and immune system.

Tryptophan - Regulates growth hormone. May aid in control of nervous behaviour.  Promotes feed intake. Precursor for production of serotonin (vasoconstrictor and stimulator of muscle construction)

Valine - Branched chain amino acid. Vital for muscle coordination.  Metabolised in the muscle ñ energy metabolism and protein synthesis

Branched chain Amino Acids - (Isoleucine , leucine, and Valine)
Research studies indicate these are effective in reducing lactic acid build-up, improving recovery, reducing muscle breakdown

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The Hanley Formula

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The Hanley Formula is Low Glycaemic Muscle Building for Horses.  No lactose


John Twomey.jpgHanley Formula is an amazing supplement. We use it with the young horses for weight gain and top line. It is great for building lean body mass. For our top eventers the amino acids are crucial to maintaining them at the top end of the sport assisting with muscle recovery and metabolism.”
John Twomey
 Leading NZ Eventing Rider

Patrick Hogan.jpg“We have been using The Hanley Formula and have found is a very safe and effective body building formulation for our young horses. We use The Hanley Formula as a key ingredient in our thoroughbred yearling preparation
Sir Patrick Hogan
Cambridge Stud

Newmarket Lodge.jpg“We have seen a noticeable improvement in weight gain and coat condition comparied with last year when the horses were fed the same feed without The Hanley Formula. I heartly endorse this product as a worthwhile supplement for growing horses"
John O’Brien BVSc
   Newmarket Lodge Stud

The Hanley Formula is a highly nutritious, very palatable powder, isolated from fresh New Zealand skim milk, with the Lactose removed for low glycaemic muscle building.

It retains both Casein and Whey proteins, to ensure the full range of essential amino acids, at levels never previously available in an equine supplement. Correct amino acid balance ensures optimal utilisation of dietary protein, a deficiency of even one essential amino acid makes protein utilisation less efficient. Amino acids are the building blocks which, when linked together, make up protein. Protein is vital in building and repairing skin, hair, muscle, connective tissue, hooves, nervous tissue, and the skeleton. It is also a vital component of blood, enzymes, hormones, and is essential for nutritious milk production. A protein deficiency will do more to restrict growth and milk production than almost any other nutrient.
Amino acid concentrate is a highly nutritional product
isolated from fresh New Zealand skim milk.

It retains both casein and whey proteins to ensure
the full range of essential amino acids.
No fillers guaranteed

Why feed an Amino Acid supplement ?

Young growing horses, pregnant and lactating mares, stallions at stud, juvenile and mature racehorses, show horses, performance horses, spelling and injured horses, and the older horse, all require a high quality protein source, rich in essential amino acids. The Hanley Formula has the highest balanced ratio of essential amino acids available. Studies on amino acids given to performance horses, show they are effective in lowering the heart rate, thus allowing greater work intensity and delaying the onset of fatigue. Other studies show increased muscle mass in young and aged horses receiving additional amino acid supplementation. Amino acid supplementation in pregnant mares achieves higher milk protein levels once lactation starts, resulting in bigger, healthier foals, with pronounced muscle definition, which supports growing joints. Also the broodmare comes through pregnancy and lactation carrying more condition. The Hanley Formula offers owners, breeders, trainers, and riders from all equine fields, a fully balanced protein source, rich in every essential.

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The Hanley Formula Builds and repairs strong muscle fibres.  Promotes and maintains even body growth of all tissues
Ingedients of The Hanley Formula


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