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Q:  Could you please advise suitability of product Hanley formula for 14.1 Arab/English Riding Pony X susceptible to laminitis. Lost topline, looks poor. Daily 5 kgs meadowhay; 1/12 kgs feed, 1 x daily, made up of the following: 2 scoops lucerne/oaten chaff; 2 cups (before soaking) of Easy Beet, 400 grms NRM Balancer (Pelletized vitamin and mineral mix), 1 tspn Alleviate C (magnesium/calcium powder), 1 tbspn Bomac Feed Aid (mycotoxin binder, probiotic) powder. Has access to a little grass and on a track system for exercise. Hacked out 1x2 weekly on roads. Just seems lacklustre, but due to his laminitic tendencies don't dare pump a lot of feed into him!! Would this product help without introducing anything that might spike insulin levels? Many thanks.

A:  Assuming that he has been wormed regularly and that his dentist is happy with his dental health then supplementing his feed with The Hanley Formula would be very appropriate.  

Often when we restrict a horse's calorie intake, the horses metabolise their own protein ( muscle , coat , hooves etc) for an energy source . This results in dull coat , cracked hooves , wasted muscling , and a general depressed looking state.

The Hanley Formula is great for Laminitic horses and ponies as it has no sugars or any type of carbohydrate, and it will definately improve over all condition. While there have been no specific studies on The Hanley Formula treating laminitis and it is a feed supplement not a therapy,  I currently have many customers feeding The Hanley Formula to their laminitic horses and ponies and all report great results in body condition and top line. The reason for this is that when removing equines from pasture their natural food choice (even though you "have" to do this for their lamanitic tendencies) you are also removing their source of quality protein (amino acids) for this reason The Hanley Formula should be your first choice for amino acid supplementation.

Q:  Hi, was just wondering about using this product on my horse. does having this much protein have any health affects on the horse for example if you pump protein into a human it can raise blood fat levels, cause the human to lose fat/weight, heart problems and kidney problems? is this dose of protein significant enough to have any health effects on my horse? my horse is a TB and very hard to keep weight on, when we feed him a lot he gets very fizzy. will this product make him more fizzy?

A:  Good question, The Hanley Formula is very high in protein around 78 - 80 % with a 98 % digestibility . When feeding at the common recommended dose of 100 grams per day , this is 80 grams of protein you are adding to your horses diet.  80 grams extra protein is not going to cause any of the problems you are listing below .

The protein % is of the horses whole daily diet . Average horse ( 500 kg ) should consume minimum 10 kgs of diet daily ( pasture , hay , hard feed ) . Depending on the horse , workload and other feeds . This is approx 2% of body weight as feed Protein needs are 8 - 12 % of this daily diet of 10 kgs , adding 100 grams of HF as its 80 grams protein % won't raise daily protein % by even 1%. 

Please also keep in mind the digestibility of all your other horse feeds is measured in a crude protein %,  this % is not available to your horse but is the result when tested in a laboratory . So if you are following crude protein % 's on your feed tags your horse will not be getting this much.  Adding The Hanley Formula daily works well because it will raise the digestibility of your horses feed.

The most important thing when considering protein for your horse is the quality not quantity . Quality is measured by amino acid profile and The Hanley Formula has the highest balanced ratio of amino acids available for horses.
Protein will not make your horse fizzy, it is more likely the extra calories you are feeding are giving him too much energy.  The Hanley Formula is pure amino acids, no sugars, no fillers

Q:  If I were to start feeding the Hanley Formula, is it ok to keep feeding his other supplements or does it double up on things? He is getting the yellow bag of equilibrium, chromium, glucosamine, msm and garlic.

A:  None of the mentioned supplements are amino acid concentrates so yes it is recommended to keep feeding everything as normal. Simply top dress with 100 grams of Hanley Formula per day. 50 grams each feed if twice daily feeding or 100 grams in the one feed if only once day.

Q:  I have read that milk powder is bad for horses so why are you recommending that I feed the Hanley Formula?

A:  The Hanley Formula is the protein isolated from cows milk, with all the lactose and the majority of fat removed. The protein is then ultra - filtered which cleaves it into individual and double amino acids ( the building blocks of your horses whole body). It is this ultra filtration which gives The Hanley Formula its high digestibility. After the ultra-filtering the formula exists in a form (amino acids) ready to be absorbed straight into the bloodstream from the small intestine.

Q:  You say the Hanley Formula is an Amino Acid Concentrate, does it contain anything else?

A:  The Hanley Formula has no ingredients other than amino acids and the few minerals naturally attached to these, please click here for a full breakdown.

Q:  I am worried about feeding a milk powder. What if my horse is lactose intolerant?

A:  The Hanley Formula is perfect for lactose intolerance, has no banned substances (approx 200 - 300 horses race each week on it)

The reason The Hanley Formula increases digestion of other nutrients is because the amino acids act like enzymes attaching themselves to the other food enabling a shape which can easily pass through the stomach wall into the bloodstream.

The Hanley Formula does not contain any colostrum, pre-biotic or pro- biotic, although they all contain some of the same amino acids.

Q:  Could you please tell me the feeding rates for mature endurance horses (400-500kg) in work.

We don't normally feed more than 10% protein by volume, so a high quality source of amino acids would be useful to us.

I also note the following claim is made for performance. This is especially relevant to endurance horses. Could you please tell me what is known of the mechanism by feeding Hanley formula results in lower HR ?

A:  You can simply top dress your normal feed with 50 - 100 grams of Hanley Formula per day depending on your other feeds . I'd recommend feeding a little extra fibre and this drops your total protein percentage. .You say you don't go over 10 % total protein, actually its hard to gauge this as animal feeds are always reported as crude protein levels . Crude protein is not whats available for your horse to utilise. So your 10 % crude will more likely be 6 - 8 % digestible protein that your horse can use.

For this reason The Hanley Formula with its 98% digestibility is ideal to enhance the quality (digestibility and amino acid profile ) of your normal feed ration.

The Hanley Formula contains high levels of branched chain amino acids ( leucine, isoleucine, and valine) which can be used as an energy source to power muscle work , their inclusion in feeds has been shown to lower heart rate and they definitely aid and speed up recovery.

Hope this answers some of your questions , if you Google '"branched chain amino acids you'll find some good info
on their relevance to performance. 

Q:  Can I talk to directly to the manufacturer if I have a question not answered above?

A:  Yes! Click here and we will forward your inquiry directly to the owner of the Hanley Formula.

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