Dressage Draw

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Our Address - Abderry, 540 Glenbrook Road, Pukekohe 2679

Helicopter Co-ordinates RRRH+2W
Safety Doc please read

Wednesday March 18

Class 1 - Test of Choice- Choose your time from the draw below & make an entry here

Kindly Sponsored by Animal Stuff

Ground Fee $15 per horse

Tests $10 each

All Fees due at Time of Entry

Entries cannot be transferred from one Show date to another, you are entering for a nominated date

You can enter/ride the same Test twice

All Competitors enter via Gate 1 from Glenbrook Road

Please leave your dogs at home.

Do Not Go into the Stable Area under any circumstances.


  • First Place receives a Voucher for one bag of Horse feed from Animal Stuff (must be five (5) starters or more in Class)
  • Ribbons to 5th Place in both classes.

Judge: Sue Paterson

Sorry Show Cancelled because of Covid-19 Precautions

Time Rider Test Horse
4:00 Amy Barrack 2A Nespresso
4:10 Margaret Anne Green 0A Storm
4:20 Fleur von Batenburg L5 Renegades Night Rider
4:30 Margaret Anne Green 0A Storm
4:40 Cam Dickens 0A Woody
4:50 Meredith Williams L1 Nevada
5:00 Tanya Grey A3 Ollie
5:10 Sonja Mors 2A 2013 Valid Point (Volksraad)
5.20 Sonja Mors 2A 2013 Valid Point (Volksraad)
5.30 Georgia Kennedy Jarman 4A Le Connoisseur

Class 2 Test of Choice. Make an entry here

Time Rider Test Horse
5:50 Monique Fairhall L4 Diego
6.00 Georgia Kennedy Jarman 4A Le Connoisseur
6.10 Vanessa Jepson 4A Court Magicican
6:20 Maddy Cutfield 0C Smudge
6:30 Karyn Blake 0B Joe
6:40 Maddy Cutfield 0C Smudge
6:50 Shelley Mercer 1A Glenvar Royal Duke
7.00 Brooke Manak 2C Coniston Fabelhaft
7.10 Shelley Mercer 1B Glenvar Royal Duke
7.20 Brooke Manak 3A