Typically, we wean foals at Abderry between five and six months of age. We aim to minimise the stress of weaning by taking the necessary care and time your mare and foal require.

Before separation takes place, we work with your foal to determine if they've had sufficient handling. Ideally, your foal will already be accustomed to wearing a halter, eating feed, being in a confined space and confident with human touch.

If your foal is not yet competent, we recommend your mare and foal arrive a few days early for pre-weaning handling with our experienced team.

On the day of weaning, we walk both mare and foal into our 2m high walled, 25m diameter lunging ring, then calmly walk your mare out, leaving your foal on his own with easy access to hay, feed and water.

Once the physical separation has taken place, your mare is either transported to your property immediately or she is taken to a paddock out of earshot of the lunging ring.

When your foal has accepted the separation process, we begin the next stage of his handling education.

We can also prepare your youngster for branding and microchipping as required.

Safe and confident foals

Your foal will learn to:

  • Lead and tie up safely
  • Be washed all over
  • Wear a cover
  • Have his feet handled and trimmed
  • Be paste drenched

During his stay at Abderry, your foal will be fed a suitable weanling diet. He will spend time by himself, as well as in the company of other foals to allow him to socialise.

Your foal will be safe to handle, relaxed and confident on his return home.

Please email us or call 09 23 63 867 to find out more about our weaning service.