Is your sporthorse excitable, fidgety or pushy to handle? We can work through these problem behaviours to make riding safer and more enjoyable for you and your horse.

Since 1984, thousands of horses have come through our gates including pushy colts and stallions like the horse above.

At Abderry, we handle a wide range of horses every day - from young, unstarted horses ready to begin their education to privately owned sporthorses needing some refinement in their schooling.

Today, we continue to use a systematic approach to handling and schooling that is logical to your horse, allowing us to shape him into the equine athlete that you aspire to ride and compete on.

Training horses is about developing your horse's mental attitude to the point where they enjoy playing the same games you do.

That means taking mental control of your horse. The controlling factor is not strength, size or speed. After all, he is ten times stronger, bigger and faster than we are.

Using this approach, the end result is a calm, confident and well-educated sporthorse ready to take the next step in his riding career.