Recent Coaching Feedback

Leeshelle Small wishes to thank Cheski Brown for all her help fine tuning her ponies and polishing off her riding skills for the coming show jumping season.

Leeshelle has made a great start to the season with 4 wins at Pukahu on 13/14 September. Looking forward to her next coaching lesson, always something new to learn!

Aria Small

Hi Cheski

I have been meaning to write this email for some time now and am FINALLY getting round to it...

I cannot say how much I have benefitted from your instruction at the clinics I have attended this winter, especially the last two. Going right back to basics has been incredibly relevant for me, and Holly and I have improved so much already. The number one thing I am doing is THINKING, and boy, there are a lot of thoughts!

I went hacking today on a neighbour's farm, and after blatting round a bit thought: 'I really should do some flatwork, how will we improve if I avoid it?', so I did. Whilst riding, my brain was fully engaged with:

  • Elastic elbows
  • Boobs out
  • Hands up, close together, thumbs on top
  • Use the indirect rein on a circle
  • Use the bearing rein when falling in
  • Loosen reins a bit
  • Soft rising
  • Look between ears
  • Downward trans? Deep breath, raise hands
  • Lots of trans
  • Shorten and lengthen stride
  • Straight lines and corners That's just what I can remember!

And do you know what? Holly went beautifully! And HAPPILY. I actually found myself enjoying it too, which is MAJOR progress! Plus, it's the first time I've actually thought I could do a dressage test and not completely embarrass myself. So thank you Cheski, I can't wait to come back. Sadly we have had to sell our truck, but we're in the process of getting a float and towing vehicle, so I'll be with you again as soon as possible.

Until then... best regards,

Cheski has been my coach for most of the time I've been riding especially since I recovered from a shoulder injury. Getting back into riding wasn't like getting back on a bike so I used Merlin who helped me with my seat and strengthened the rest of my body in readiness for riding on the real thing and since I've been back riding my horses again with Cheski's help I haven't looked back.

Cheski has been able to create a constant variety of lessons each lesson varying to consolidate the improvements I have made and to fix other things I need to improve and understand; helping me understand what is happening in my riding and why helps me maintain the improvements I'm making so when she's not around and the jumping feels rough I am able to analysis what is happening and make corrections.

Cheski's lessons are fun, stimulating and challenging while also being an awesome experience.

Having regular lesson means I now have a coach who knows me well and that makes a huge difference because as the lessons build on previous lessons I find I'm looking back not at a lot of random sessions but more like a full study course in riding each lesson link to and building on the previous one and I don't think that's an easy thing to do but Cheski does it.

John Richards
September 2014

I reached a point with one of my young horses where I wanted to go out and compete in ESNZ jumping classes but had hit a road block on how to progress. I knew it wasn't my riding ability, and I knew it wasn't the capacity or capability of the horse.

My road block was my brain, and I needed a coach to draw me through that, rather than load me up with a heap of great ideas that could never be truly embedded as my own.

Cheski's unique coaching style builds your awareness in such a way that your find your own solutions, and in doing so they become completely yours, and immediately become a part of your normal operations.

Cheski's coaching isn't just about having a good session in her arena under her watchful eye, it keeps delivering through hours of at home practice and ultimately where it counts the ring.

Philippa Fourie
September 2014

I have regularly over the past few years used Cheski as my show jumping coach.

I find her to be warm and compassionate to both horse and rider, and quick to understand the individual needs of a new horse within its current level of ability and training. She uses great imagery to help me understand new concepts and remember them, and the facilities she has are second to none.

She will keep things simple when necessary, but will also push me to challenge myself and my horse when we are ready. I have schooled different horses under her guidance, and with these horses I have seen enormous improvements within just a few lessons. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience, which she is so willing to share.

Ailsa Carter
September 2014

Thank you so much Cheski for the time and patients you have had with Dante and I in our lessons. Just wonderful to see how far we have come in such a short time. I love the way you have got me thinking about my riding position, and how my horse moves which creates a real bond between my horse and I, it really is a WOW factor for me. Can't wait to carry on with my lessons, so I can enjoy my relationship with my horse more and have lots of fun. I totally recommend Cheski for lessons at whatever level of riding you are doing.

Kristina Smith - Ararimu
September 2014

My children have been having regular lessons with Cheski for the past few years. They have both improved greatly in that time, both in confidence and ability. They look forward to their Abderry visits as despite working hard, they have fun - which is what its all about.

Cheski is very supportive and with us every step of the way - always keen to hear how competitions went, celebrate their achievements and help fix any problems.

Sophie Bruce
September 2014

I think a good coach is one that cares where I am at ( and my horse ) AND where I am going or hope to go.

Being coached by Cheski means that after each session I come away with a sense of achievement and a feeling of progress as well as being pleasantly tired! I like the way she is always looking at ways to help me. One of her strong points is that she encourages me to make assessments for myself.

It doesn't matter where you are at: new horse, old horse, problem horse etc. Her passion is to help you succeed at whatever level you ride.

I know for me she has already taken me further that I had hoped.

Sue Townson
August 2014