Meet Merlin

Improve your control by improving your posture

Meet Merlin the Equicizer...

Merlin is a mechanical horse, he works with and for you to strengthen and tighten your muscles and improve your posture.  Merlin only works if YOU work

Merlin is surrounded by mirrors so you can simultaneously see and feel whats actually happening to your body as you ride.  This gives you the unique opportunity to coach yourself.

You'll be amazed what a difference a couple of sessions will make to your stability and control

Hi Cheski,

Thank you so much for giving my the opportunity to take Merlin for a spin this week, he was the perfect horse to allow me to sit and analyse my position and the effect on the horse without the inconvenience of steering and kicking along!

I was able to quickly take what Merlin was showing me and apply it to my own riding and the results were instantly recognizable,

Tommy had begun to collect his canter almost on the spot while training at home, once I took what Merlin had reminded me and applied it Tommy turned instantly back into the free and forward cantering horse he was before!

It is amazing what such a simple act of moving with the horse rather than against has on the overall picture and happiness of the horse and rider, it is only a shame that I didn't discover Merlin's magic much earlier!

I think Merlin's name is very fitting.

Richard Harwood

Cheski has been my coach for most of the time I've been riding especially since I recovered from a shoulder injury. Getting back into riding wasn't like getting back on a bike so I used Merlin who helped me with my seat and strengthened the rest of my body in readiness for riding on the real thing and since I've been back riding my horses again with Cheski's help I haven't looked back.

John Richards