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Hire of Facilities

Two arenas available - cushion ride & sand surface
Sand Track  - 600 metres

Arena /Track hire
Casual use $20 per horse (including jumps) or $160.00 paid in advance for ten uses.
All welcome, Trainers, Clubs, Clinics, Trial of Horse, Fitness, Schooling

Visiting Trainers & Clinics using Facilities - G/Fee per horse is $15.
Coaching with Cheski - $70 private session or $55 each for 2 - 4 INCLUDES G/Fee


Ring Jan 09 2363 867 during office hours or e-mail to book an arena for training - Bookings Essential

Feedback from those coached by Cheski

Some Comments about Ground Control Lessons:

Thank you very much for the time you spent with me at the weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and learned a lot. I look forward to catching up again in the near future.
 Raewyn Hardy

I just wanted to thank you for teaching me some of your skills to be able to be comfortable around horses, and to not be intimidated by them. I learnt a great deal yesterday, and what I have learnt will no doubt help me next year. I will no longer be 'afraid' of horses with their large eyes and big feet! Hopefully I will be able to continue with these lessons before I start University next year.
Rosemary Taverner

Some Comments about Independent Seat and Precision Riding Lessons:

We got a better awareness of exercises for ourselves that make us more supple and balanced which I am sure will be appreciated by our horses.
Anita Vulling

(When we went outside) my first feeling was oh sh.. but felt more and more confident with each stride, knowing that I was sitting in the saddle and Sky not made any intention to go any faster even though she was on a loose rein, probably because she was on a loose rein and I was pretty relaxed about it, was very pleased to be out in the open and most important not having been afraid at all!
Gerda Kruthoffer

Some Comments about Jumping Lessons:

You give Good tips on control. Makes you focus.  
Megan O’Neill
(I got) the importance of knowing where you’re going after landing (because) it really makes a difference.
Lorna Bennenbroek

Some overall comments about previous Clinics and lessons

What a shame the course is coming to an end tomorrow, I'm having a great time and would love to ride like that every day. It's sad that so much of our riding time is spent schooling- trying to get the (elusive) perfect paces, cadence, rhythm with no fun had by either horse or rider! Our "style" may not have improved much over the last few days, but we've both become more confident in situations "outside our comfort zones" and we're having great FUN!
Linda Connor
Just a quick note to thank you for our course last week (I still think that having that much fun might be illegal!) Bailey and I both learned lots and our “partnership “continues to grow stronger as we learn. Now for the extra exciting news… We have been putting what we learned in to practice….. Bailey went to his first competition on Saturday (ribbon day at Clevedon show grounds) HE IS A STAR !!!! He won 6 ribbons (1 x 1st, 2 x 2nds, 3 x 3rds) AND RESERVE CHAMPION !!!! I am Sooo proud of him!!! Yeah, I know, its not the Big league or anything flash but, it’s about as good as it gets for us! Thanks again for all your encouragement. See you at the next course (if not before!)
 Angela Duncker