Feedback from previous Clinics with Cheski



Thank you for all your enthusiasm, encouragement and instructing to get El and I around the arena and over those jumps. Certainly broadened my expectations with a new horse and was fun as well. We can go over jumps that were at first just big scary objects for El.

I now look forward to working on new skills and new challenges that we "can do" and I will remember to look ahead.
Hi Cheski,

Yesterday was GREAT.

I gained so much confidence and had a fantastic time.I enjoy the group sessions so much as I learn such a lot from the other riders. I thought we were all pretty amazing !!!!

You can't imagine the buzz I got from "jumping" the trot poles and then the puissance fence......not to mention the canter. WHOO WHOO

I am so excited about the future and the great times ahead.

THANK YOU, you inspire me

Hi Cheski,

Thank you.

Your lessons have taught me so much, two of the most important that are springing to mind are "Chipping away", and "Fudging".

"Sure 'Young Horse', You can shy at that "SCARY" ant over there in the bushes. You can stand up and twirl on your head for all I care, and I don't care if you're round or have your ears up my nose for this first time past.   But WE WILL be going past......... And next time past......... maybe you could lower your headcarriage enough to possibly take your ears OUT of my nose and put them somewhere resembling a frame, .........and I don't care if we're here till 3 am. We're doing it"

......and it's worked.

Young horse tried his crap today, especially towards the end when it got harder, but everything you've taught me sprung up without me having to think of it and it all worked. Thank you.
Lee Johnston
Thankyou for the time you spent in the session to meet my needs, I am not sure if you are aware but that is some of the best work I have done with PK in a long time, and last time we reached that level it took 3 weeks of intensive work and the canter work was the best I have seen him do
Richard Harwood
As always, I came away from the session with you, feeling really positive and excited about the progress Rambo and I are making. As I said yesterday, I need mileage on my own or in small groups before I tackle the large groups and full on competition, so very much want to meet with you regularly, in order to keep progressing forward.
Michelle Innes

Had a wonderful time yesterday on Muppet, was really pleased with how he settled down around the other horses. Great confidence boost to find out that my much loved boy is good in company and jumping with other horses. Getting a comfortable canter into the jump was neat, now I cant wait to try it out at home.

The instruction was spot on, Mupps was doing things in one session we haven’t been able to sort ourselves in 6 months. I was only hoping to learn to canter into fences but now have a whole new range of tools to use on the flat as well as jumping.

Again thanks for your instruction and insight”
Heather Klassen
Hi Cheski

Thank you for that positive reinforcement just what I needed.  We will continue to work on your (ping concept) along with the other exercises, still maintaining consistency and calmness.

Slowly but surely all the cards will fall into place.  I am soo proud of my little horse who has come such a long way since I got her in Dec.

If you ever have another session count us in.

Robbie Williams
P.S Must keep those blasted heels down!!!

Hi Cheski

Thanks for a great morning. I really enjoyed the clinic. It was really what I needed as like I said, I hadn’t jumped for a while and was beginning to build it up into something bigger than it really was.

Danny can go so well and it is frustrating that he can then go not so great, but I guess at the end of the day, they are animals and not machines!!!!

I’m looking forward to this weekend and the lesson with Blyth. He is also a great confidence booster. I think Janet, from our group is keen to go to him now too.

Thanks again

Kirsten Hence

Hi Cheski,

Thanks for your email - and for the nice feedback !

I really enjoyed the session today and feel that I learned a lot - about my horse and about myself, too ! Still a long way to go...

Will definitely keep on working with her on the 'general skills' part and would love to do some jumping as well,

Would you be happy to give us some jumping instructions at some stage ?

Best regards
Karin Gruber
thank you cheski - you are tremendous - i like your positive approach to teaching - i was expecting to learn a lot but i didn't think that would mean i would immediately improve a lot yet i think i did improve so you are amazing. its one thing reading it in a book but the information kind of goes into one side of the head and then sinks to i don't know where but its never there when you need it.  its another thing having someone like you to tell me, as i'm riding, want i need to do and what needs to happen and also to get me involved in the analysing process of what was happening and what needs to happen because of that i felt there was a huge improvement and what i learnt from you has not strayed off somewhere its still very much to the fore-front of my mind - so it was an invaluable class especially at my early stage of riding because its so easy to develop bad habits and so painfully difficult to cure - more so at my age - i will apply to do the blyth tait session on sunday 22nd. 

i woke up this morning going over the session in my head - it was a real power session - i'm sure patrick even has a smile on his face this morning -

best regards
john richards



Thank you for this email and for the time you spent with us yesterday. I really enjoyed your session and as a result I booked into the Blyth Tait session because ‘I can do it!’

The Agrisea Goody bag was a lovely treat.
Janet Martin
Hi Cheski ( and Jan )

Had a great time yesterday, course was exactly what I had hoped for...horses and friends together, looking forward to next time.
Anthea Allison