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I feel that through our recent experience gained by sending both Victory Dance of Comonella Aus. Imp (Sir Anton) our resident riding pony stallion as well as Fiordlands Anna Gee (Anna) for Breaking-In we are in a position to comment on the service and experiences we had from Abderry.

In this regard I cannot convey sufficiently in a letter the high quality service we received, the positive attitude displayed by you and your staff, the friendly but firm advice provided and the outstanding results displayed by the ponies once the early schooling was completed.

Accordingly I would not hesitate to recommend Abderry to any discerning horse person looking for these services.

From the team at Sunland, I wish you and your team all the best with the expanded services and facilities you are providing to the industry. We always look forward to your monthly written update on ponies visiting Abderry.

Rob, Annette, Courtney & Chelsea Symons, Drury

It was nice to be involved with Dana's progress every step of the way. And to come & see her progress which was amazing. Many thanks to everyone that worked with Dana. I was over the moon today, not to have to struggle with her, I didn't have any fears with her as I have had in the past. So once again many thanks to everyone for the great job that you did with Dana.
Virginia Barrack, Papakura
Having worked horse for 2 weeks afterwards horse is going well.
Wayne Burke, Pukekohe
Both horses are confident and relaxed with good brakes and steering. Thanks!
Chris & Margaret Cartwright, Marton
Cheski is a very experienced horse woman and treats each horse as an individual. Her thinking attitude allows her to solve problems before they become an issue.
Jane Codlin, Karaka
Keep up the good work.
Phil & Jane Crosbie, Pokeno
I believe it is important to give "full rein" when entrusting one's animal to a yard. This was repaid in full at Abderry. I got the same horse back - only better! Thank you all at Abderry.
Chrissy Currall, Thames
Excellent facilities.
Bobby Fisk, Pukekohe
Horses were not rushed and always seemed happy and relaxed. Was more "education" than "breaking".
Mary Hackshaw, Waiau Pa
Everyone was very informative and helpful. I was very pleased with my horse’s results.
Beverley Hansen Thorpe, Auckland
Very, very happy with horse's progress and so was trainer.
David Hatley, Waingaro
Abderry remains unsurpassed in its capacity to prepare horses to the highest standard for export.
Chris Pearson Instone Air Services, Australia
I was very impressed with the results. I have followed up with the advice given at Abderry and have not had any problems loading the horse since. Thank you.
Sue Jackson, Drury
It was nice to be able to go on holiday and feel confident that my horse was well cared for as he is a very important part of my life.
Lisa Jackson, Waiuku
Polite & attentive staff.
Marilyn Jenks, Waiau Pa
Ever since Chatterbox came home he has been a delight to handle.
Gerda Kruthoffer, Papakura
I have found your services extremely competent. A great place for horses to be cared for. Well mannered. Thanks.
Peter Lock, Horotiu
I'm pleased that you used some initiative and kept him well in work when he demonstrated his "little idiosyncrasies", really appreciated being able to leave him the extra few days when our plane was delayed.
Kathryn Marshall, Thames

A very good advertisement and article in the “Horse and Pony” attracted my attention, you demonstrated immediately on the phone the belief in working at the horse’s pace and ability and I liked that approach. Very nice facilities that were obviously well run and friendly knowledgeable staff. Your knowledge and expertise impressed me and the fact that we achieved a very pleasing result with Olympia before she left. You taught me a lot in dealing and handling a young filly like her. Thank you I really did enjoy coming out each day for that week and the staff made me feel very welcome.
Vivianne Moller, Auckland
The horses went to Abderry by word of mouth. I wasn't disappointed. Some may have “Gentled” them as well, but none could have done it better.
Tony Mihaljevich, Auckland
Nice to get the updates and photos on her return. Looks like a good job on a "not so easy" youngster.
Paula Mussen, Waiau Pa
Very professional. Absolutely thrilled with his progress, thanks a lot.
Kathy Passier, Pukekohe
Excellent range and safe.
Tania Patterson, Hamilton
I keep going back because I know I'll have a safe horse for me to ride. I especially like the fact that the horses get used to a busy environment and are therefore not precious.
Robin Potter, Auckland
Wish you were located in the Waikato. I am very happy with Cody's weight loss and am intending to keep this up. Thank you for the start.
Jackie Rawlings, Hamilton

Very good communication with your clients. You give the impression of being more than happy to tolerate all sorts of questions. Generous with your time.
Wendy Rodewald, Drury
We feel very comfortable sending a horse to Abderry, we know that it will came back well broken in and happy.
Phillip & Sally Steiner, Tauranga
…Anyway, finally Dave rode her yesterday. You will be proud to know she did not put a foot wrong. Trotted around like she had been doing it all her life! Well done.
Bridget & Dave Sutton, Patumahoe
Rocco left home a naughty toddler and returned a respectful teenager all in the space of a few weeks! Fabulous job done - Thank you.
Rhonda Stuart, Drury
It was great to see her at Abderry with new manners, so confident and happy -and even better to get her home and find her as willing and relaxed. I'm really enjoying riding her - Thank you.
Jo Telfer, Hamilton
Thanks very much for the interest taken in Fred, Peter is very happy with the way he has come back into work.
Gary Thomas, Taihape
I had three horses at Abderry, 2 were sold directly from Abderry and are successful with their new owners. The third is competing successfully with me in Cambridge. What more could I ask for!
Chris Thomson, Cambridge
My husband and I believe that Abderry has and will give our horses a chance to develop. Abderry displays patience and time. Qualities others do not have.
Vicky Trompert, Waiau Pa

I've been thrilled with his education - he hasn't put a foot wrong and is much better mannered generally - eg will stand & wait patiently for ages. He had about 6 weeks off when I unexpectedly got offered a job I couldn't refuse & came back to work like a pro.
James Wade, Whangarei
Our horses have always been very well cared for at Abderry and we have recommended your facilities to others.
Bruce Wadsworth, Papakura
The service at Abderry has always been top class.
John Wheeler, New Plymouth
The filly came back well educated and very sensible.
Phillipa White, Karaka
Everything about Abderry is very professional, It is a horse heaven - Absolutely superb.
Nikki Williamson, Coatesville
Horse looks good.
Jack Wilson, Hastings
We were very appreciative of the excellent care and attention provided to our horse. The horse was able to go onto its next stage of preparation ie training to race in top order. Would definitely use Abderry's service again in the future.
Brett Wilson, Greymouth
I was thrilled with the professional care Woodie received after suffering an injury to his leg in the paddock. The intense specialist care over three weeks (confinement and bandaging) has resulted in an excellent recovery.
Ruth Woodward, Tauranga
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